Baby Steps...


Today it happened. I won the Powerball Lottery. Just kidding. That would have been nice, though.

Today I actually created my first product for Teachers Pay Teachers.

I am feeling excited, nervous, anxious, proud, and maybe even a little bit scared. But most of all, I feel encouraged and energized. I am accomplishing something I've talked about doing for several years now. I'm learning new things. A LOT of new things. Many of my google searches are now starting with the phrases, "What is..." and "How do I..." and that's a GOOD thing! I love to learn, and I truly feel that by frequently putting myself in positions where I am forced to learn new things, I'm becoming a better teacher, author, and creator.  I'm experiencing firsthand what it feels like to learn things that are mostly foreign to me. I can reflect on what it is that my brain is doing while taking the new information in, processing it, assimilating it to things I already know, and learning--truly learning--it by putting the information to use. Isn't that what we as teachers hope to help our students achieve?

It's early in the game, but I feel good. I can't wait to get this TpT store up and running, continue this blogging journey, keep learning, and see where all this takes me!



  1. So proud of you, seester!! This is just one of your many talents, and I can't wait to see where it takes you!! Xx

  2. Ditto! Cannot wait to see what 2016 brings and read your humorous posts! xoxo



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