I know you. You're the kind of person who wants to do whatever it takes to meet the needs of your students, but you don't always know what's best for the gifted children who have been placed in your care. 

I understand you. You really understand the important role creativity plays in the life of a gifted child, but you're so strapped for time that it's a struggle to come up with creative ideas to use in your elementary classroom. 

I see you. You're wanting to let your students take more ownership over their education, but figuring out how to allow them that privilege is something you don't have the time for right now. 

You're just like me.  You know that your diverse group of students deserve to have their needs met, but you also have standards to meet and gosh it's about all you can do to make a change here and there as time allows. 

I’m Jen and I am passionate about helping hardworking teachers find creative ways to meet the diverse needs of the gifted students in their classrooms. 

I spent ten years in the elementary classroom, teaching everything from kindergarten through fifth grade, but the majority of that time was spent serving gifted children both in self-contained and pull-out classrooms. I was a teacher mentor, multiple-committee member, grant-writing, PD presenting, busy teacher mama. 

The more time I spent in the classroom, the more it became clear to me the need for more high-quality standards-based curricular materials for gifted learners. 

And on top of that, I found myself compelled toward becoming an advocate for this often-misunderstood, often-underserved population of people. I wanted to shout to people from the mountaintops information about how these kids urgently need our attention, our help, and our compassion so that they can learn and grow just like any other child in the classroom. 

I love learning just as much as I love teaching and helping others, which is why my husband has a hard time keeping me away from buying new books to read, taking more courses, and spending tons of time keeping current on what's happening in the world of gifted education. My love for learning is also the reason I have a bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education and a master's degree (or two) in Curriculum and Instruction with focuses on both Literacy and Talent Development. 

I've decided to dedicate all of my time to developing high-quality, engaging resources for busy teachers like you to use in your classroom right NOW. If you're curious, you can take a peek at my resources right here. 

I've also been working on this website here to provide useful information that you might not have encountered in your teacher training. You'll also find lots of FREE resources sprinkled around throughout my posts because I want to help you (and I know you're a teacher and your school budget is already s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d to the limit).  

Kick off those ballet flats and stay a while. We're in this together, you and me. 

Wanna know juuuust a little more?

Here are a few quick facts:

I'm a mom to two intelligent, beautiful daughters. This picture of one of them inspired the name for my business. 

I have a mini Goldendoodle who is just an awesome companion for our family. #sometimeshesitsinhistoybox

I've been happily married to my highschool sweetheart since 2002. This is us on the beach in South Carolina--one of our favorite places to vacation. 

Until mid-2015, my entire life had been based in Ohio. Now I'm a Keystone State girl, but I'll always be a Buckeye at heart.  

My Official Professional Stats

  • BA Early Childhood Education, Baldwin-Wallace College, 2002
  • MA Curriculum and Instruction: Literacy, Ashland University, 2010
  • MA Curriculum and Instruction: Talent Development, Ashland University, 2011
  • Crystal Apple Teaching Award Nominee, 2011
  • Awarded more than $30,000 in grant monies to bring enrichment programming to school
  • Building Leadership Team 2013-2015
  • Transition Resident Educator Mentor
  • Member Local Professional Development Committee
  • Ten years experience, K-5 


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