Just say no to Comic Sans

It's snowy outside, my kiddos are enjoying a little screen time on their day off, and I'm CREATING! My daughter has science fair coming up in a few weeks and she started her experiment yesterday. I took a peek at the recording packet that came home, and I just.couldn't. let her use it. Why, you ask? 

COMIC SANS, plain text, no graphics. Need I say more?

I know, it's not about where she records her information, it's about the content and the learning, right?  Of course it is! But, also comic sans. Eew. I can't. 

*To be fair, I think some high school students found/created it, so they probably just didn't know, right? Right?!*

Anyway, it is a perfect opportunity for me to practice my skills, channel some creative energy, annnnd stay in my pjs. 

It's for the greater good, really. 



  1. I am SO excited for you to be starting this crazy, fabulous journey, friend!! I can't WAIT to watch you soar and to "hear" your voice in your blog posts! YAY! So excited that you're joining me on team TPT<3.

    Schroeder Shenanigans in 2nd

    1. You are just so sweet! I'm so excited to be starting this journey and I am relieved to have such a seasoned TpT/blogger/Instagramer extraordinaire to encourage me along the way! #<3


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