Sidetracked: I've got the creating bug!

Just a quick post before I get back to my Overexcitabilites series! I'm hooked on creating and I can't. stop! Sharing the fruits of my labor with you today!

I worked hard ALL.DAY.  yesterday to create two new products for my TpT store, and I'm so proud!
This is a collection of images from my first product--Create Your Own Holiday. It's a great higher level thinking project for students that reaches into the top three levels of Bloom's Revised Taxonomy and levels three and four of Webb's DOK. Intended for kids in second grade (with support) through fifth grade, it can be used as part of a larger study of holidays or on it's own. Students work toward mastery of the CCSS Speaking and Listening standards when they present their project to the class, and best of all, it's FUN! 

This second (related) product is actually a part of the larger package, but I listed separate and it's FREE for a while in my store. I pulled out the Holistic Product Rubric and Peer Evaluation Tool because they truly can be used with sooooo many different projects. If you use Project Based Learning in your classroom, I think you'll find these very helpful. Click on the image to link to my store, or pin it and come back for a peek later! 

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